The Hampshire sheep were primarily bred to keep the thin soil of various downlands in Britain fertile. They are a medium to large sized breed that are excellent producers of meat, wool and good with landscape management.

The Bleu du Maine sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from France. It is a meat sheep breed and raised mainly for meat production. The breed was actually originated from the western France, in the region common to the departments of Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne and Sarthe around the 1800s. These animals were developed from a cross between Leicester Longwool and Wensleydale sheep which were imported during that time. The breed is also known by some other names such as Maynne Blue, Maine à tête bleue, Maine-Anjou, Blue-headed Maine, Bluefaced Maine, Bazougers and Blauköpfiges Fleischschaf (German).

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LEAN & ADAPTABLE SHEEP BREEDS Charollais, Lleyn, Vendeen

Here are more adaptable sheep. Farming sheep serves many purposes. Some sheep breeds lend themselves to provide the whole range of products, wool, meat and milk. In Ireland most are bred for meat. However we have identified breeds for you that are good for milk and wool. Obviously, sheep produce wool and there are different grades. We will cover this topic and meat and milk products in seperate blogs. With all the breeds of sheep available, knowing your purpose for raising sheep is extremely important. Choosing from all the sheep breeds for your farm should start with your primary purpose in mind. Are you raising sheep primarily for fiber, meat or breeding stock? Additionally, some breeders enjoy showing their sheep in breed shows, for conformation, and type.

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